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About LaTanya

Helping You Move Forward

LaTanya Orr is a multi-award-winning designer and personal strategy coach, who has provided creative and strategic “makeovers” for corporate, academic, civic and nonprofit institutions throughout the US and abroad

for more than 20 years. She is author of “Strike A Pose: 7 Red Carpet Strategies Every Entrepreneurial Woman

Must Have to Position Her Brand with Style and on Purpose”


As CEO of Selah Branding and Design, LLC, she uses her Branding and Marketing Communications' prowess to build the next generation of winning brands.  Through her recently launched coaching practice — Selah Life — LaTanya assists career women in self-discovery — to wield their power, purpose and peace regardless of circumstances.  She empowers women to unveil their brand brilliance and step into their purposeful work so they may walk into their destiny with clarity and maximum impact.  When she’s not coaching or strategizing brand concepts, she hosts social gatherings through her women’s business network - Lady ‘Trep. 


LaTanya is also a wife, a daughter and sister/friend confidante to many. LaTanya holds a BA in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from Davenport University. She received her certification as a Christian life growth coach from Lifeforming Leadership Institute.


LaTanya's passion is to help you push forward toward your best life, one where you live with intention, meaning, and purpose. To learn more or to work with LaTanya, drop a line to

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